Tuesday, 16 August 2016

Thank You For Delaying Final Fantasy XV

In case you haven't heard, Final Fantasy XV has been delayed from its original release date of 29th September 2016 to 30th November 2016. News of the 2 month delay has been quite poorly received by some but there are also those - including myself - who understand the reasons behind this delay and are welcoming it. If you're upset by this delay then that's fine, you could choose to continue to be upset and curse the game to the depths of hell, it won't affect the rest of us. However, let me just try to explain why this delay isn't a bad thing.

Firstly, in the video recently released by Square Enix (which you can watch here), Hajime Tabata explained that the reason the game is being delayed is because he and his team want to deliver a Final Fantasy title of the highest quality and they feel that the game can still be slightly improved. He also added that if they were to release the game in its current state, while many would be happy with it, he would surely regret not taking the extra time to reach the standards he's set out to achieve. In my opinion, this is completely understandable because if I were to work on a project for 10 years, I would want to release a finished product that I could truly be proud of. I respect that and I hope they will be able to reach their goal and provide a product that surpasses all our expectations.

Secondly, Hajime Tabata said in the video that he would like to include all the content they have at launch on the game disc without anybody having to download a substantial update on day one. Downloading a day one patch may seem like a trivial matter to some but there are people in the world who don't have a very stable or fast internet connection. Some would argue that the ones who do have good internet connectivity shouldn't need to suffer  because of those who don't. I say that this is one of the best decisions made by any game developer in recent years. Modern gaming has become quite annoying with developers using downloadable content as a means to release completely broken games and just patching it later on. Gone are the days where we would be able to go to a store, buy a game, get home and just play a complete game without having to worry about internet connectivity or patch downloads. Hajime Tabata and his team must feel the same way and I'm glad they do.

So, that title isn't a joke or a facetious remark. I'm genuinely thanking Hajime Tabata and his team for being brave enough to delay the release in order to provide a game that they could truly be proud of. I will gladly wait an additional 2 months for this game to be released. So if you disagree with me and feel that this delay is absolutely preposterous, feel free to vent your anger in the comments or do whatever you need to do to calm yourself down. I'll just be enjoying some other games while calmly waiting for the release of Final Fantasy XV. 

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Wednesday, 3 August 2016

My Personal Gaming Confessions (Part 1)

I love gaming, I do. I've spent a significant portion of my life playing games and sometimes, while playing certain types of games, I tend to do things I'm not too proud of. So, I just wanted to confess some of the slightly odd things I do while playing games for your reading pleasure.

1. Over-leveling

I do this in every single game with a leveling system. I'll absolutely refuse to go into the next area until I've become so immensely powerful that every enemy in the current area immediately drops dead due to the sheer awesomeness oozing out of me, or until I get bored of fighting the same enemies while overlooking the same scenery. I know that by doing this I might be eliminating the challenge the game offers and with it the excitement of overcoming those challenges but still I choose to do so not because I'm scared of what lies ahead but because I just want to become the most overpowered badass in the game as early as possible... and because I'm a bit scared of what lies ahead, don't judge me.

2. Distracting Myself

While we're on the topic of being scared, let's talk about horror games. To be completely honest, I'm not a big fan of horror games. I know many people are and I have tried to become one myself but I guess it isn't for everyone. I'm a grown man who doesn't enjoy jump scares, yes, okay, whatever. You can laugh, it's fine. Although I'm not a big fan of horror games, I have played a few because for some reason I just really wanted to but I didn't play them exactly how they're meant to be played. When I play a horror game I always make sure to have the volume really low while also having some music of my choice playing in the background. For example, I played Silent Hill 4 on PlayStation 2 while listening to Metallica's S&M album on repeat. I also played the first Dead Space while listening to a playlist containing songs by Green Day, Sum 41 and Avenged Sevenfold. By doing this, I'm far less likely to be jolted off my seat by a jump scare and I'm far more likely to actually keep playing the game. 

3. Button Mashing

Yet another game genre I'm not too good at, fighting games. While I am quite decent at fighting games like the Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm series, the same can't be said for 2D fighters such as Mortal Kombat or Street Fighter. To be completely honest, I'm a bit crap at them. However, I have been able to win a considerable amount of matches by simply button mashing my way through. Whether it be an A.I. opponent or an actual human being facing me, many have fallen victim to my sometimes effective button mashing. I'm not proud of it, not at all. I pains me to admit that all my wins in Street Fighter have been due to vigorously moving my fingers around my controller without any clue as to what the hell I'm actually doing. 

So, please don't think any less of me after reading that and if you do, well that's fine too. While I'm not exactly proud of these odd little things that I seem to have made a habit of, I enjoy the games nonetheless. So, play games however you want to play them! You're the one having fun! Happy gaming!

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